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MONDAY 31 AUG 2020 | 11:00AM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

EV Battery Pack Design and Material Selection for High Performing Batteries

Terry Davis, Global Technical Lead-Batteries, Application Development, COVESTRO

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Rudy Gorny, Global EVBP Product Development Lead, Product Technology, COVESTRO

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  • EV battery pack performance and design needs per test plans
  • Understanding EV battery test metrics vs. key design solutions
  • Mapping EV battery test metrics to the right EV battery packaging materials
  • Recyclable resins for EVBP and circular economy

MONDAY 31 AUG  2020 | 14:00PM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

Silicone-Dominant Anode Technology For EV Production: The Next Big Thing In Anode Technology

  • Analysing the practical advances in silicone anode technology and addressing the same attributes that make it attractive.
  • Introducing silicon into automotive-grade lithium-ion cells has been a major topic in the EV industry in the past decade
  • Replacing the graphite in a cell with silicone means that you can use less anode material – effectively increasing the overall energy that can be stored within the same volume.


Three Innovative Material Solutions to Address Technical Challenges in Automotive Electrification


Joseph Kaiser, Vice President of Product & Market Development, Materion

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Silicone Thermal Interface Materials

  • Understanding  thermal resistance and how it relates to thermal interface materials
  • How to reduce thermal resistance for better heat transfer
  • How does bond line thickness affect thermal performance?
  • How particle size and pressure helps to achieve the right bond line thickness
  • How does contact resistance affect thermal performance and how can it be improved?
  • What types of pumps can be used to dispense thermal interface materials and choosing the right dispensing pattern and dispensing needle for the application
  • Mixing potting materials to ensure consistent material quality?
  • Understanding the Thixotropic Index (TI) and why is it important

WED 02 SEPT 2020 | 11:00AM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

Making Lithium Batteries Safe – Eliminating Thermal Run-Away

Dr. Dirk L. Van Hyning, Ph.D. CCO, Soteria Battery Innovation Group
  • How to enabling portable electric power without the risk of fires, no matter the circumstances
  • Exploring material architecture that eliminates the spark on the inside of a battery that can cause fires
  • Increasing these materials availability to every battery manufacturer to from a broad supply base
  • Soteria current collectors now available from multiple sources down to 8um thickness with efforts to reduce thickness down to sub-5-micron
  • Dreamweaver separator now available from multiple commercial sources
  • Two pre-productions cells now available for testing: a 5Ah NMC811/Graphite (240 Wh/kg) Pouch Cell made by Svolt and a 25Ah NMC523/Graphite pouch cell made by LiFun.  Both exhibit exceptional charge/discharge and safety performance.
  • Cylindrical cells available 3Q 2020

WED 02 SEPT 2020 | 14:00PM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

Driving Toward the BEV Tipping Point: Solving cost and scalability challenges

Dave Malobicky, General Manager & Team Leader, PPG’s Mobility Business PPG

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  • In the webinar Dave will address how a new approach to tackling battery pack issues (safety, dielectric isolation, thermal management, and other battery related topics) with coatings can help solve multiple issues at once.
  • Coatings designed for battery fire protection (BFP) can be readily be applied at high throughput as a coating layer onto the battery pack lid.
  • During normal use coatings based BFP products can provide corrosion and dielectric protection to the pack lid and will have minimal thermal insulation to better enable battery cooling.
  • These products add minimal weight or volume to the EV battery when compared to traditional BFP products.
  • In the case of a battery fire scenario, these intumescent coatings will support the isolation of flames, heat and prevent the battery lid from reaching high temperatures.
  • BFP coatings thickness can be optimized to specific battery designs and requirements.

THURS 03 SEPT 2020 | 11:00AM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

Upscaling processes for new battery raw materials from laboratory into industrial production 

Peter Vervoort, Vice President – Product Development & Technology, ONEJOON

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Axel Weiand, Vice President – Sales New Business, ONEJOON

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  • Onejoon – a global player in the battery raw material processing
  • Production equipment – a considerable factor for the batteries lifetime sustainability
  • From lab into industrial size production: It takes broad process experience to define the right steps from lab through validation into production
  • Kilns for Cathode Active material: Pusher and Roller kilns – challenges and advantages
  • Kilns for Anode Material: choosing from a wide range of modular furnace solutions, customized to meet specific process requirements
  • The right concept for the right process – Comparison between rotary furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces and tube furnaces
  • Experience matters: building a tight cooperation between the furnace builder and the raw material producer to reach a fast and smooth transition into large scale production
  • Test center and Simulation: Combination of production scale tests and supporting CFD and FEM simulations for an efficient scale up

THURS 03 SEPT 2020 | 14:00PM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

Increasing the Performance of Energy Storage with Graphite Materials

 Speaker Bio | Company Profile 

  • Exploring the advantages of synthetic graphite over natural graphite for BEV lithium-ion batteries
  • Highly efficient and safe lithium-ion batteries (LiB) are required almost everywhere. And graphite is indispensable as an anode material in lithium-ion battery cells
  • This session explores the broadest range of customizable high-quality products and solutions for lithium-ion batteries

FRIDAY 04 SEP 2020 | 11:00AM ET (USA) [REGISTER]

BMS Validation Testing

  • Addressing the tasks of preserving a battery’s efficiency , lifespan, thermal stability and safety
  • Different cooling strategies, distribution of BMS cell monitoring resources and BMS architecture
  • Customising BMS algorithms and testing to a vehicle’s target segment and driving style
  • Why a battery Simulator?
  • What aspects of a BMS are being tested?
  • Custom battery management systems


Electro-Thermal Modelling & Simulation of Li-ion Battery Packs

  • An introduction to battery leak testing, outlining the key challenges 
  • Comparing testing with air vs. tracer gases
  • Identifying different measurement methods and parameters
  • System applications for air and tracer gases


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