Conference&Exhibition: USA, West Coast, Crowne Plaza Cabana Palo Alto Hotel

xEV Thermal Management Innovation USA, West Coast 2023

Next-Generation Battery Thermal Management Materials, Systems & Technology Innovation

BEV Thermal Management Innovation USA remains the number one conference and exhibition to match OEM buyer requirements with expert solution and technology providers. Following on from the tremendous success of the previous four pre-covid summits; and multiple xEV Battery Thermal Management TechTalk Webinar Series,  BTM Innovation USA remains North Americans leading event for Battery Thermal Management Engineers, Technologists and Experts to collectively address the key challenges and industry innovations surrounding advanced battery thermal management systems, materials, technologies and solutions; to increase efficiency, range, battery health, and optimise solutions for increasingly demanding, ever advancing battery requirements.

The conference analyses innovative battery management solutions, explores the mosts crucial engineering and material challenges and benchmarks strategic imperatives for next-generation BEV advancement. We welcome you to join over 250 xEV experts at North Americas largest technical conference for Battery Thermal Management professionals and foremost communication network for OEMs, technology and solutions providers alike; where experts will engage during a series of case study presentations, interactive panels and unparalleled networking opportunities.


Thermal Management Solutions To Optimize Battery Safety And Performance
Tackling The Heat Generating Factors To Consider When Designing A Battery Thermal Management System
What Are The Main Parameters To Be Considered In Battery Pack Heat Management
Analysis And Modelling Of The Vehicle Thermal Management System (VTMS) For BEVs
Simulation To Aid Design: Accurately Predicting Thermal Performance And State Of Health Of A Battery Pack
Examining The Latest Developments In Fast Charging, And Impacts On Battery Thermal Management Systems
Matching BTM Systems To More Powerful Batteries To Improve The Energy Storing Capabilities
Exploring Different Cooling Strategies For Fast Charging And High Performance Electric Vehicles
Single-Phase Immersion Cooling For Thermal Management of Lithium-ion Batteries
Managing The Impact Of Fast Charging On Thermal Management Of Battery Pack
Design And Material Packaging Solutions For Battery Modules
Silicone Solutions For EV Thermal Management – Battery And Beyond


  • Key Trends And Challenges Impacting Battery Thermal Management Needs & Solutions
  • More Powerful Batteries To Improve The Energy-Storing Capabilities Of Electric Cars; A Matching Capability In Thermal Management Systems
  • Where is the market going from a voltage standpoint and what effect will that have on the battery architecture and vehicle design
  • Thermal Runaway
  • How Can Thermal Management Increase The Range Of A Battery
  • Adhesive Innovation
  • Testing for The Future of EV’s: As The Demand For More Efficient And Sophisticated EV’s Increases So Must The Underpinning Technology
  • Thermal Management of The Battery Pack For EV Safety
  • Battery Pack Design & Material Selection
  • Battery Systems and Packaging Integration
  • Thermal Performance Optimisation
  • The Next Generation of Innovative Solutions For Packaging The Thermal Management System
  • Exploring Different Cooling Circuit Layouts Including Separate And Mixed Architecture
  • New Technologies & Techniques for Simplifying and Taking Complexity out of Cooling Processes
  • Advanced Material Solutions To Protect The Battery And Assist with thermal management
  • Advanced Materials and Solutions to Limit Thermal Run Away
  • Thermal Criteria For Best Performance And Longevity
  • How Can Energy In An Impact Be Managed To Protect The Batteries?
  • What Are The Strategies And Options For Dealing With Battery End Of Life
  • Solid-State Technology – What Are The Thermal Management Implications
  • Efficiently Using Battery Thermal Management For Meeting a Higher EV Drive Range
  • Thermal Performance Optimisation & System Integration
  • Fast Charging & Batteries Of The Future: What Will Be The Impact Of Fast Charging On Battery Thermal Management?
  • Managing Impacts Of Fasts Charging On Thermal Management Of The Battery Pack
  • Improving Energy Density and Performance of EV Battery Packs with Thermal Management Materials and Coatings
  • The Role of Thermal Interface Materials in Battery Systems (TIMs)
  • Assembly & Manufacturing
  • A Complete System Solution for Battery Management
  • Sipiol Flame Resistant (FR) Coatings
  • Ultra-Fast’ Charging Systems: Increasing Voltage and current for achieving higher charging power
  • Wireless Charging for xEV’s: A Crucial Step Forward to Cable-Free Electro Mobility
  • Understanding The Effect Of Thermal Gradient on Lithium-Ion Battery Performance [Research Ins.]
  • Dealing With The Thermal Simulation Challenges of Electric Vehicles
  • Tools For Simulation Of Component Level Thermal Management
  • How To Best Connect Simulation And Testing To Get Much Closer To Reality
  • Surface Preparation
  • Integration and optimisation of Battery Vehicle Structures

Taking place at the Crowne Plaza Cabana Palo Alto Hotel,  a major NA hub of the high-tech engineering sector, xEV Battery Thermal Management Innovation USA summit provides a technical content-lead agenda which has been meticulously researched and curated  wit the OEMs to tackle their key and current challenges. The exhibition and presentations offer  a unique opportunity in a personable environment to engage with the latest technological products and services from within the industry.

  • Network with your peers and do business with industry professionals from within the battery thermal management, battery management systems and battery material sectors
  • The only technical-conference and exhibition focused specifically on battery thermal management materials, technologies and systems for next-generation vehicles; analysing how to utilise existing and future technologies, and how to capitalise on the latest breakthroughs to deliver desired performance at a commercially viable cost across components, manufacturing, processing, chemistry and integration
  • Hear from leading industry figures on strategies, the latest trends, and technologies shaping the future of battery electric vehicles
  • Discover and be part of the future plans of OEMs, solutions providers and battery manufacturers; examine production roadmaps in both the short and long term
  • Gain critical insight into the latest developments in energy density, range and life, as well as examining improvements and cost reduction in cell chemistry, pack reduction, lightweighting and battery management systems

Join Battery Technologists From Leading OEMs, Cell manufacturers, And Pack Integrators Like:

Amazon, Apple, TESLA, Lyft, ATLASBX, AVL, BMW, Google, BrightVolt, JLR, BYD, C&D, CATL, Clarios, Cummins, NIO, SERES, Custom Cells, Daimler, EaglePicher, EnerSys, BYTON, ENOVIX, Uber, EnPower, EoCell, Polestar, Canoo, Factorial, FISKER, First National Battery, Fluence, Ford, GM, Gogoro, Gotion, Group14, GS Yuasa, Harley Davidson, Honda, Hyundai, John Deere, LG, Lion Electric, Lucid Motors, Mercedes Benz, Mercury Marine, Milwaukee Tool, Mitsubishi, Natron Energy, Nissan, Panasonic, Polaris, PolyPlus, Porsche America, QuantumScape, Rivian, Robert Bosch, Rolls Royce, SAFT, Samsung SDI, Sion Power, SIONIC Energy, Solid Power, Solid State Battery, South 8 Technologies, Stellantis, StoreDot, Teledyne, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Toyota, Triathlon Batterien, Volkswagen, Volvo, Yokohama, and many more

  • Chief Engineers – BEVs
  • Chief Scientists – Energy and Systems
  • CEOs, VPs and Senior Managers at OEMs
  • Head of Research, Materials and Manufacturing
  • R&D Engineers – Thermal Management
  • Lead Engineers, Electrified Powertrains
  • Battery Research and Systems Engineers
  • Technical and Innovation Managers
  • Group Product Directors for Hybrid and Electric Systems
  • Heads of Vehicle Architecture
  • Senior Managers for Thermal & Manufacturing Solutions
  • Project Leads – Electrification
  • Heads of Charging Infrastructure
  • Technical Leads – Energy Storage and Systems

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